10 Months to OIC where is the Indication of Readiness???


In our Monday’s editorial, the Daily News asked the question how ready we are as a country for the hosting of the OIC conference slated for November 2019. The question is asked because we have only 10 months to the set date and month of the conference; and yet no sign of readiness, except the ongoing construction at the conference site.
It is reported on Wednesday’s 10pm national news over the Gambia Radio and Televisions Services (GRTs), that Gambians level of readiness to host the 2019 OIC conference is in high gear. That government is on course in hosting the conference
The Spokesperson is quoted of saying come rain or sun the country will certainly host the conference. He told the viewers in a television broadcast that the country is coming out of a dictatorial regime and that the former president who ruled the country with an iron fist who still has some supporters both in the country and abroad that do not wish well for the country.
The Daily News is of the opinion that journalists should be taken to the sites where construction work is in progress in relation to the OIC conference for the public to see for themselves.
We were told by the government Spokesperson that a Five Star hotel is built and presidential Suites for the accommodation of over 43 heads of state. The public needs to see and not only told.
However the Spokesperson further inform the Gambian people that some countries have already chip in some funding and that the Barrow administration is determine to successfully host the conference.
But the irony is that, not a single project as far as the infrastructural development is concern has taken off the ground apart from the progress at the conference centre.
The road network from the Banjul International to the conference centre which is supposed to be a dual way and part of work to be done, but work has not yet started and we have just under 10 months to the November 2019. The other stretch from the traffic light through Senegambia has also not yet started. So where is our preparedness?
We are also told that there are other jobs to be done as part of the preparedness for the hosting of this very important international conference. What other jobs to be done, not many Gambians are privilege of that. All that is seen physically is the construction of the conference centre.
Another sign of our readiness, if anything to go by, is the visiting of the Aljazeera media team who are visiting some of our media outlets and already offered some training for journalists in preparation of the task ahead of them.
At the time of publishing this editorial this team has not yet visited any of the private media outlets that are supposed to provide coverage whatever happen at the OIC conference. Yes it is very important to visit the parent media organization which is the GPU but it is equally important to visit some private media houses who are handling the reporting of news and related matters too. Offering training to a selected few will not solve our national problem. There are several media outlets both electronic and print.
We at the Daily News hope that the GPU and other partners has to reach out to private and public media for an holistic approach form better results of a professional coverage of the OIC conference.


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