15 Members of 3 Years Jotna Charged for Protesting


By Almamo Kamaso
Some fifteen members of 3 years Jotna on Friday 10th May 2019, took the streets of Senegambia to express their dissatisfaction on the way and manner that some Coalition executive members are handling the three transition agreement of President Adama Barrow. It could be recalled that the coalition government of Adama Barrow came to office in 2016 on some key campaign promises and one of those was for him to serve only three years and thereafter a general elections be called where all parties interested can do so.
On Friday May 10th 2019, a group of civil society members calling themselves 3 years Jotna were arrested at the Senegambia as they carry placards calling for President Adama Barrow to respect the three year agreement.
The group members which is one of several others (3Years Jotna) were expressing their disassociation with the Coalitions recent moves of the so called extension of the 3 years agreements to five.
The group numbering fifteen were carrying placards with the inscriptions like WE ARE NOT IN FOR FIVE YEARS. The police got them arrested and they are said to have been all charged for unlawful demonstrations as they did not apply for a permit nor were they given one the police PRO confirms.
All the fifteen are granted bail and they will soon appear before a court, the police PRO stated.
Speaking to one of the protesters on whose request the identity will not be disclosed told the Daily News that their peaceful protest came as a results of the background knowledge about the Coalition executives meetings that has being ongoing and some reports reaching the public that the three years is now moved to five years.
As Gambian citizens who have voted in for a transition period of three years we feel “cheated” or about to be “cheated” if the coalition can meet and changed what many of the electorates have voted in for without consulting the same electorates in 2016.
We are not a political party nor are we doing so under the name of any political party. We belong to a group called 3 Years Jotna.


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