2020 Estimates Approved by Law Makers


    By Almamo Kamaso
    Members of the National Assembly after sitting for nearly 22 hours from 10am Friday morning to 7am Saturday approved the 2020 estimates with amendments.
    The law makers on a day before had met different ministries as per their respective select committees and did most of the deletions and in some cases allocations.
    At the whole house level, various select committees chairs presented their reports to the white house. The budget was then treated item by item; where the Finance minister and his team were also with the deputies throughout the long session.
    Among some of the deletions was the cutting of the two extra additional special advisers; who were cut as we are running a deficit budget. Members therefore argued that government need to spend wisely.
    The ministries of health and Agriculture were among other which were give more owing to the significant role they can play in the development sector.
    By 6: 45 am Saturday morning the Speaker put to the members that the 2010 estimate be passed with amendments and the members all voted for it.