3 Years Jotna protesters Still Reporting on Police Bail


A group of 15 Gambian citizens who were arrested by the Gambia Police force as they were about to take to the streets on May 10th are still reporting on police bail. The group was about to march to the Coalition meeting point to tell them that they as citizens who are not affiliated to any political party, but are not supporting any more to deviate from the earlier agreement of three years by the Coalition.
The feeling of these 15 people is that, the police are psychologically torturing them. These are innocent citizens, until proven guilty before a competent court; so if they continue to report to police from the 10th of May to date they are tortured psychologically . Having them arrested on the pretext that they went on peaceful protest without a police permit; should not warrant them to be subjected to such treatment in the hands of the police.
We do not think that our police have not lack the competent to do their investigations in no less than two weeks. More so when those arrested are all very law abiding and very much cooperative since their arrest May 10th 2019.
All the fifteen regularly report to the Kairaba police station and for the first two week they were detained their up to 5pm on a daily basis our close monitor reveals. And the reasons of their detention up to 5pm was that a panel of investigators were set up and their stay depend on what work those panellists have to do.
Now that it has come up to more than three weeks the police should either charge them and take them before the courts or let them go free. For if the police keep having these Senegambia 15 reporting to Kairaba police beyond these days they will only be traumatising them for no good reasons.
What the police should do is take action now; otherwise anymore delay will only go to aggravate the situation. What many are accusing the government of today is that we did really succeeded in changing the executive. President Jammeh is replaced with President Barrow; period but the system is not changed.
In the earlier years during the second republic under President Jammeh the police would have had put these would be protesters behind bars and even subject them to physical tortures as they did on Solo Sandeng and co. Today the police cannot do that but they can delay justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.
The police must stop delaying the investigations and quickly either charged the Senegambia 15 for whatever crime they may have committed and take them to court or let the go.
It is not right to continuously be asking these people to be reporting endlessly. There have been matters that were subjected to investigation by the police and conclusions were reached soon why not in this case?


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