By Ousainou J. Sawaneh

This will be a series of publications from analysis recently published by the Turkish government entitled A NEW GENERATION OF TERRORISM: and AN ANALYSIS OF FETÖ. In this first series our reporter will be taking you through summary of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and it is the first publication of the Turkish National Police Academy, first edition 2017.

The reports contained the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), led by Fetullah Gülen, is one of the direst security, socio-economic, socio-political and socio-psychological issues currently facing Turkey. In order to combat FETÖ efficiently, the organization, activities and methods of this terrorist group should first be well comprehended.

In line with the objective of shedding more light on this terrorist group’s activities, the Turkish National Police Academy organized a workshop including the participation of relevant stakeholders such as academics, politicians, administrative actors and legal practitioners who are participating in the fight against this menace, the resulting discussions, opinions and suggestions have been recorded in this report.

Firstly, the radicalization process of FETÖ members was discussed from a scientific point of view. It is known that the organization establishes a psychological dominance over its members. As a result of this psychological control exerted, the FETÖ is able to radicalize its members, enabling them to take actions without the hesitation that a normal person with moral values would have.
By employing reinforcement and punishment methods along with imposing its own “holy” values and references, the FETÖ permeates into all aspects of their members’ lives. Thus, it is critical to analyze the scope and means of this control and how to eradicate or transform the mindset of those who support the organization.

FETÖ’s religious understanding was also discussed during the workshop, touching on how the organization repurposes religious terminology and values according to its own interest. Looking at its 40-year history, it can be seen that FETÖ most often employs religious values while seeking to organize and legitimize itself; the organization attempts to portray itself as a religious congregation.
However, in reality FETÖ is more of an esoteric modern cult.

Indeed, it is known that there are and always have been many organizations operating with a similar socio-psychological organization and similar actions to the FETÖ.
“Establishing his influence through prophecies and other unusual methods used to attain information, the FETÖ ringleader consolidates his power using Sufi terminology and values”.
The organization has attached itself to numerous people in both Turkey and many other countries around the world.
It is also stated that FETÖ’s infiltration into the security bureaucracy, education and economic sectors were also discussed during the workshop. Instead of having a popular base, the organization has attempted to consolidate power by way of its members holding important positions within the country’s bureaucracy. It is well known that the organization has infiltrated the military, police and judiciary system in order to hijack the political system.

“As a result of its infiltration into the security bureaucracy, FETÖ has transformed into an armed terrorist organization. Moreover, the organization has successfully managed to place its own members into all levels of bureaucracy. By stealing examination questions and displacing existing bureaucrats via illegal and illegitimate methods, the organization has established a parallel state within the state”.

FETÖ’s educational activities have been prominent in providing human resources and establishing financial power. Through educational activities, the organization has trained its members, placed students into targeted institutions and generated a revenue of billions via their schools, preparatory schools and educational materials. Considering that FETÖ first started to target the prime minister after it was announced that all preparatory schools were to be closed down demonstrates the importance of the educational sector for the terrorist organization.

Analogous to all other terrorist organizations, FETÖ has a strong financial structure. How-ever, the structure itself is different than many other terrorist organizations.
FETÖ’s financial mechanism relies on him met (favors) collected from the salaries of its members, revenues generated from education, trade or faux-charity institutions directly connected to the organization, and public resources transferred by FETÖ members who have infiltrated state bodies.

In the Political, administrative and legal battles against the FETÖ were also discussed during the workshop.
The objective criteria of the legal dimension indicate that the state has established a meticulous legal framework against the terrorist organization. In this respect, it could be understood that the members of the judiciary have clear standards in determining whether a per-son is affiliated with FETÖ or have participated in any terrorist activities. “18 assessments and suggestions provided by the participants are provided at the end of this report. Participants expressed their opinions and suggestions according to their field of study”.
The suggestions assert what should be done in the fields of politics, administration and judiciary in order to fight more efficiently against the FETÖ.

Follow the Daily News next Wednesday on FETÖ’S SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS.


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