A UDP Led Government Will Produce 10 Millionaires First 3


By Almamo Kamaso
At a mass political rally organised by militants of the UDP in Sanementary Constituency in Brufut village over the week-end attracted thousands of party supporters. The newly elected Constituency Chairman welcomes the party entourage.
Bajamba Bojang one of the eldest of the village and region welcome UDP and assured them of their unflinching support for the UDP. Bojang said one of the Speakers at the Brikama rally of the BYM said they have taking the whole of the Kombos; however he questioned, he did not know which Kombo was that; it might be another Kombo but not the this Kombo he live in.
Taking the podium the leader and Secretary General of UDP , Lawyer Ousainou Darboe told his supporters that the fleet of trucks inn augured this morning at the buffer zone by a UDP mayor was just a signal to what a UDP government is capable of doing.
He said a UDP led government under three years can produce ten (10) millionaires . Darboe said if any government maximised the use of the ocean and that of the abundant land; ten millionaires is possible.
Darboe said such an achievement is only possible with a corrupt free government. The veteran lawyer and politician said we must fight corruption otherwise we cannot develop. People should desist from relaying on sate resource if only we need to progress. He cited the likes of Dr Amadou S Jannneh who is a professor and can survive without any state resources.
Darboe told thousands of UDP supporters who were at the rally that fighting corruption must not only be a lip services but we must indeed fight corruption genuinely. He also warn against nepotism and said these are things that will only take us back as a nation.
He concluded by saying that one need not be a rocket scientist to become a president but one should be able to have the capacity of analysing issues to become a president.
Hon Algaie S Darboe, who is the National deputy Administrative secretary and member for the National Assembly for Brikaba North explained that , the UDP is more powerful today than 20 years ago. He said the crowd pulled tonight is enough evidence.
Hon Alagie S Darboe told the UDP militants that some two years ago a coalition was formed and which was meant to rule for a transition period of three years and base on that President Adama Barrow was elected. One and half years down the line if he turn to UDP to support him break that rule, we cannot do that.
It is a question of the UDP supports his agenda and be at logger head with the Gambians or supports the Coalition agenda and be friends with the Gambians and he said we support the later.
Several other people spoke including Dr. Amadou S Janneh who said he did not know which Kombo that the BYM said they have taken but not the Kombo he knowns. Janneh donated 20 computers to the party.


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