Advisers of President Must be People With More Expertise ‘


Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United (UDP), has said that the advisers to the President must be people with expertise and experience to the discipline that they have to give advice. These he said must be on what Gambia are experiencing.
Addressing hundreds of party supporters in the Spanish city of Lelieda, the former Vice President expressed his happiness with his entourage for the large turnout of UDP supporters, saying that it manifested that the next Government in The Gambia will be UDP.

Darboe is currently on European tour in six countries namely; Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, UK and France.

“When UDP is elected into office in 2021 Presidential election, there will be no fans club, youth movement or foundation for the President and the spouse of the President
will not have any foundation since these are venue to corrupt President and first lady, ” he told supporters in Lelieda.
The former Foreign Affairs minister, assured supporters that under UDP Government, the President will not waste tax payer’s money on hiring private jets on his
state visit around the world but use the business class of commercial airlines.

He urged Gambians in diaspora to continue supporting UDP in order to make Gambia great again, where rule of law and democratic principles will be a foundation of government day to day affairs.


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