African Soldiers at it Again


What is happening in Sudan is total madness by no other people but people who are paid and armed by tax payer’s monies. And it is against those very people who raise the monies they are paid and armed with; is this not disgraceful?? It is indeed.
African soldiers behave like they are only trained to govern and not to protect the very people who pay them. From the early days of our independence the norm on the continent was military coups. We have had the worst scenarios on the continent by way of bloody coups.
No part of the continent was saved from the North where you have the Egypt, the Tunisia and then the West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana and the Benin all of these countries have had their shares of military brutalities and off course little Gambia which also had 22 years of worst dictatorship.
When the former dictator and leader of Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir a wanted man by the International Criminal Courts in Hague was toppled by a popular demand in April of this year; the soldiers who took over as interim did not waste time before they show their true colours. Their action was indeed greedy as they were only interested in staying longer than needed by the people of Sudan.
They have repositioned the goal post several times against one of the reason of the topple and which led to the lack of trust from the civilian populations. At first it was the issue of power sharing; which was not fairly done as the soldiers almost took all the key positions.
The African Union has suspended Sudan’s membership “with immediate effect”, amid an upsurge of violence in the capital that has seen dozens killed.
The pan-African body has warned of further action if power is not transferred to a civilian authority – a key demand of pro-democracy protesters.
Opposition activists say a paramilitary group has killed 108 people this week, but officials put the figure at 46.
Residents said pro-government militia were all over the capital Khartoum
The violence intensified on Monday when security forces stormed a weeks-long sit-in outside military headquarters in the capital. It is the deadliest incident since veteran President Omar al-Bashir was ousted by the military in April after months of peaceful protests.
Talks between opposition activists and the ruling interim military council have since broken down. On Thursday the UK Foreign Office summoned the Sudanese ambassador to raise concerns about the developments.
The armed men who are now in control of power should be held responsible for all the atrocities meted out on the civilians and that there should be an immediate call for the general elections to replace this madness.
The issue of armed soldiers taking control of countries on the continent of Africa should be a thing of the past now; it is nowhere in the civilised world where one can fine military regimes. The Sudanese people must be helped by the international world as no one country should be isolated in the present times.


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