Alieu K Jammeh Refutes Allegations of Not Servicing His Loan


By Almamo Kamaso
Contrary to reports contained in our edition 57 publication, dated 31 May 2019 with the captioned “Former VP Njie- Saidy & 5 Others Owe State D7.4M” former Youth Minister Hon Alieu K Jammeh is servicing his loan.
“It is not correct saying that I have not being servicing my loan since I took it” Alieu K Jammeh. Mr Jammeh refuted the allegations with proofs that he indeed was servicing the said loan eventhoug he was out of cabinet.
Audit reports indicated as we reported in our earlier edition that former Minister Jammeh who took a building loan of D1, 760,000.00 made no payment and his loan stands at D1, 879,089.08.
This is not the true reflection of Jammeh’s loan account. Official receipts before this reporter shows that former Youth minister and now Gambia’s Ambassador to Guinea Bissau has being paying an instalment of D18, 667.54 for the whole of 2015 right through December 2016 reducing the loan to D1941424.16.
Jammeh continued servicing the said loan in 2017 and by December 2018 his loan stands at D1904089.08. During this period he was paying an instalment of D3000 per month; as he took it upon himself even though he was out of cabinet.
From March of 2019, Jammeh pays an instalment of D50, 000 monthly and the balance of his loan now stands at D1665, 089.08 and not D1, 879,089.08 as earlier reported.
The 216 cabinet revolving loan is for a period of 10 to 15 years at an interest of 3% to 5%.


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