Animal welfare Project Launched at College


By Neneh Galleh Barry
The Animals Welfare Advocates Association at the Gambia College in partnership with veterinarians without borders Sweden recently witnessed the launching of a new project ‘improving animal welfare in farm animals in the Gambia through education awareness creation’.
The launching that attracted many students and stakeholders was held at the Regional Education directorate in Brikama.
A three days capacity building training on effective communication for animal welfare advocates targeted one hundred students (100) from both the University of the Gambia (UTG) and the Gambia College.
In delivering his welcoming remarks, Mr. Francis S. Mendy president of the Association said the most important features of the event is the partnership between the animal welfare advocates association and veterinarians without borders Sweden.
He cited that the animal welfare advocates association is climbing a ladder that requires partnership and collaboration with worthy institution, departments, NGOs and private sectors.
He said the association has registered a lot of partnership and collaboration with prominent bodies within the country which includes GHDT, GAMBICATS, GREENUP Gambia and department of livestock services.
Mendy also spoke on the importance of the three days capacity building, noting the training on effective communication for animal welfare advocacy will undertake the sense that it will not only capacities them on communication skills but also enhance them the sense of approach to their contact persons as well as knowledge in their area of discussion.
On his part, the project coordinator Dr. Kebba Daffeh said the projects seek to improve animal welfare in farm animals in the Gambia through education and awareness creation.
Dr. Daffeh also dilated on the formation of the association and it stance. He said the association was formed in 2016, after training was conducted by a Germany association called WTG vet United in partnership with Gambia horse and donkey trust.
He added that the association hopes to improve animal’s welfare through advocacy, and had conducted series of activities and has also embarked on countrywide tour, whereby they visited all the regions and had meeting with farmers.
During those meeting they sensitize farmers about animals’ welfare and also give free treatment to those animals he said.


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