April 10/11 Survivor Explains How She was Shot


By Neneh Galleh Barry

Oumie Jagne a survivor of April 10/11, 2000 student massacred has recently made startling disturbing revelations before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC).

Mrs. Jagne informed the Commissioners that she was shot in her left-hand by a man of the Police Intervention Union (PIU) also known by the paramilitary.

According to her, on that fateful day, Monday, April 10, 2000 she left home for the market with her basket and upon returning home she met two students of Ndow’s Comprehensive School who came to her house half naked and asked for her sister, Anna Njie.

“I told them I am Anna’s elder sister, and asked them what went wrong. They informed me that a paramilitary officer armed with a riffle was chasing Anna from the school,” she explained.

The tearful Oumie said the two female students informed her that they were undressed at the school by paramilitary officers who escorted them behind but they managed to escape and left Anna at the scene being chased by the officers.

The witness informed the Commission that she gave some clothes to the two students who were undressed by the security officers.

“As they wore their clothes they led me to the location where the paramilitary officers were chasing Anna. As we reached Westfield, I saw Anna running while the paramilitary was chasing her. She saw me running after her and she yelled calling my name, Oumie, Oumie! I threw the clothes at her to wear. As soon as she paved her way behind Iceman, she wore her clothes. I raised my hands and stood as a barrier between her and the paramilitary. I was shot in my left hand,” she remarked.

According to the witness, she told the shooter that she was shot in her hand and the shooter threatened to shoot her again if she insists.

“As we were exchanging words he again shot me for the second time. Had I not raised my hand the bullet could have hit me on my ribs,” said the witness.

She adduced that she was assisted by a man who was passing by, explaining that the man tore her wrapper then tied her hand with the piece of cloth and asked her to sit and wait for him to look for a vehicle to transport her to the hospital.

The witness said that she was admitted at Royal Victorial Teaching Hospital (RVTH) now Edward Small Francis Teaching Hospital (EFSH).

“There was a day that former President Yahya Jammeh visited us at RVTH and my sister Amie Jagne insulted him and she threw her crutches at him, but Jammeh dived while laughing,” she asserted.


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