April 16 Victim Unhappy With the Barrow Administration


By Ousman A. Marong
Allassan Bayai another April 16th, 2016 victim in an exclusive expressed his disappointment with the Barrow led administration in the selection process of victims for overseas medical treatment, allegedly conducted by the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC).
Allassan is over 60 years living at Kombo Batokunu in Kombo South district of West Coast Region. He considered the selection process as bias and unfair as most of the victims are not selected and have not yet received any support for medical treatment.
“My health condition is getting worse day-in-day out”, he remarked. He challenged the Barrow government to revisit their decision on the proposed list of selected victims for overseas medical treatment.
Bayai was amongst the victims, who took part in the famous peaceful protest match led by the late Solo Sandeng, former Youth leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP). “I am currently hopeless, because I have no means to sustain my family in feeding them, adding that his health condition wouldn’t allow him to work”, he asserted.
Narrating his poor health conditions, he said starting from his neck up to the waist all pains him very severely. He revealed that while in prison they received all kind of inhuman maltreatment.
“I was tied on the table from my neck to the toes while my face was covered with black plastic bag and the notorious NIA’s started torturing me anyhow”.
Describing the heavy handedness they received from security apparatus at time of their arrest. Tearful Allassan Bayai recall that, the former IGP Yankuba Sonko ordered for their arrest and to be handcuff. He alleged that the same IGP Sonko ordered for them to be tied together while in handcuffs and the PIU officers threw them like bundles of none living thingsat the back of the truck, he said.
Bayai urged all and sundry to come to his aid for help saying his health condition wouldn’t allow him to work because he is suffering from spinal cord pain and needed treatment. He quickly added that feeding his family is becoming a nightmare for him.
He disclosed that they (the victims) have officially written to the President seeking to meet him in person, but their efforts remain scattered. “We have written a letter since on the 1, of October, 2018 seeking to have an audience with the President, and we were told the President is yet to receive our letter, we are not sure if those officials are willing to deliver our said letter to the President or not”, he stressed.
“I am paying house rent because the compound am living in is not my own”. He stressed that he attempted meeting their party leader who doubles the country’s number 2 HE Excellency Ousainou Darboe for many a time but would be stop by the security guard at his gate. “I wanted to meet the Vice President so that I can explain my conditions and situation to him too for assistance but security officer’s always stopped me and am tired of going their now so I stopped and based my hope on ” Allah”, he noted.


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