At Last Janneh Commissions Reports released


The government of the day should be praised for coming out today with the release of the Janneh commission reports. When the government of Adama Barrow took over he took over a very corrupt and weak economy. One decision and a very bold decision was for the government to set up commissions of enquires to set the records straight.
After a very long time since the Janneh Commission has submitted its findings, which they task tom look into the financial activities of former President Yahya Jammeh and his close associates; the government of the Gambia finally today releases the full content reports.
Since the taking over the affairs of the country President Adama Barrow has instituted several commissions tasked with the responsibility of investigating some happenings. Among them is the Janneh Commission, the Farabang saga, the Gunjur and several others enquiries.
Tax payer’s monies were used to pay for the running of these various commissions of enquirers, and very few of those results are not being made public as required. Let’s say when the Faraba-bantang report was submitted and it took too long for the President to act on.
The Daily News wants to commend the government for coming out and released findings of the Janneh commission even though it came too late. What we are encouraging the government to do, is timely releasing of reports.
When Ousman Darboe died and there was allegations that he died as a results of a foul play; since some people were of the view that he died due to the manhandling by the anti-Corruption Unit of the police. Government was quickly able to set up a commission to look into the circumstances surrounding the death of Ousman Darboe and up to date the report is not out to clarify the cause of his death.
The country recently has find itself into another scandal; and this time is the diplomatic passport scandal. Several people are so far being called in for questioning and among them some government officials from the ministry of Foreign affairs; whiles other are coming from the office of the President.
This development is very disheartening as the scandal creeps on the corridors of the highest office. And again another seemingly serious scandal is also unfolding this time diplomatic number plates.
Government in the wake of these scandals has again set up another commission to look into the veracity of the passport scandal. When are we going to have the results of this commission when pending ones are pending for months?
The Barrow administration must try to tighten its belts on corruption and its related dimensions. It seems that one scandal is giving way to another scandal since there is no solution put in place by the government.


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