AU Urges Farmers to Support Malabo Declaration


BY Neneh Galleh Barry
Dr. Janet Edeme the Head of Rural Economy Division African Union said the Malabo declaration is one of the key document adopted by the AU head of states, which indicates targets that needs to be achieved to eradicate hunger by 2025.
Dr. Edeme mentioned this in an exclusive interview with the Daily News at regional meeting organized by the African Union aimed to sensitized farmers about the Malabo Declaration.
She explained that, the declaration also talks about promoting trade within the African continent.
According To her the Malabo declaration was adopted with concrete targets and indicators to move the agenda forward. She said it should be adopted by the 55 AU Member countries but 47 countries were involved in final review.
“We are involving regional and continental farmer organizations to be part of the process that’s why we engaging the national farmer’s platform of the Gambia to give space to farmers through consultations.
Mr. Ezzar Abdel Majid the President of Pan African Farmers Union said that, the commitment of the African farmers is to commit African leaders to support rural farmers with access to finance.
He noted that farming industry in Africa have to be modernized saying, its ageing which could be risk to food security.
He urged the African leaders to promote inter African trade of farm produce “good harvest of cash crops are lost by farmers due to lack of good processing and exportation which is huge lost to African farmers”.
He said, The Pan African Farmers Platform as a sub-regional platform will work more on advocacy to pressure African governments to keep their commitment to support the rural farmers and producers in Africa.
“It is important to call action for results. We must speak directly to the farmers to improve productivity so that we can eradicate hunger in Africa by 2025”.
The Outgoing President of ROPPA Mr. Musa Gibbo said that, The AU engaging farmer organizations policies to improve the agricultural industry in Africa must be implemented by governments.
He highlighted that the farmer’s organizations are committed to support the Malabo declaration by networking with various organizations and the promotion of family farming which he said is key in agricultural production.
The event was organized by NACOFAG ROPPA a farmer organization in the Gambia and AU Commission and attended by farmer based organization across the African continent.


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