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Baba Jobe kept in Prison Long after Completing Jail Term

By Almamo Kamaso

Former Director General of Prisons, David Colley told the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commissions (TRRC) that Baba Jobe was kept in prison much longer than he should have been released at the orders of the Interior Minter. Former Director was testifying to set light on prison and prison conditions.

David Colley said Baba Jobe has completed his jail term and he did wrote  to the then Interior Minister for him to be released,  but the the Minister ordered that him not to  release him  and that he Director should wait for  orders.

In the same way former prison boss said Sanna Sabally also was kept loner than his jail term. He told the TRRC that he cannot release the Baba Jobe until he gets a signed License from the Minister.

When he was asked as a former convict himself,  if he likes the medicine that he was giving to prisoners in term of treatment. David said he did not like  it and that he was badly treated.

David denied that he takes any bribe from prisons officials or relatives of prisoners in exchange of favours. One witness did said she bought three televisions sets  for all the prisons in the country and one for David Coley as Director General.

However David said he borrowed a generator from the Prisons for use at his home and when it got damaged he repaired it. He also denied receiving D13, 000 from a mother of an ex-convict.

When put to Colley that he surrounded himself with men from Kanilai he denied that he employed such people; but a list of names were read to him and he accepts that they were all  from Kamila.

On the dead bull, former Director General said that was not true even when the TRRC replayed the testimony of Baba Galleh Jallow. Also a written statement by a witness was read to them, yet the former director refutes the allegations.

The Lead Council   put to him that in fact two convicts die on the same day which 13th  January 2006 as a result of the dead bull,  whose names were all read out to him and their dead certificates given which he conformed.

David referred to all the allegation as lies and that they all lied against him.





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