“Baba Jobe killed on Hospital Bed on Jammeh’s Orders”Omar A Jallow


By Nene Galleh Barry

Baba Jobe, a native of Jarra, has been suffocated to death on his hospital bed by a team of killers reportedly operating on orders of former President Yahya Jammeh

Omar Jallow, a member of Jammeh’s hit squad has told the Truth Commission on Wednesday that he participated in Jobe’s killing.

“We took his hospital cloth to suffocate him, close the door and left…,” said Jallow. Jallow said they were operating on orders from former president Jammeh. “We were told Yahya Jammeh said Baba Jobe should be killed tonight…,” said Jallow.

He said he killed Jobe with Mustapha Sanneh, Michael Jatta, Nfansu Nyabally, Malick Manga, Sulayman Sambou and Captain Momodou Jarju.

Jallow said they have found Jobe sleeping on his hospital bed before they strangled him to death. He said the prison officer did not resist them.

“I think he had information that we were coming there,” said Jallow.

At the time of his execution, Baba had already been attended to by his doctor. Meanwhile, Jallow has participated in the killings of 48 people including 30 Ghanaians, he told the Commission on Wednesday.


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