Bakoteh Dumpsite My Biggest Concern: Mayor Bensouda


By Mariama Ceesay

The Bakoteh dump site still remain a cause for concern as the site is located in the center of the settlement; however residents told the Daily News that conditions have improved since the visit of Mayor Bensouda.
More than decades the Bakoteh dump site remain a center of attraction for both environmentalists and health personal; it’s against this background the Daily News went around and about the dump site to sound people’s current feelings.
On contacting the KMC Mayor on the dumpsite issues; he assured this paper and the residents that the dumpsite is his biggest concern and also it is his no 1 priority to find a way to contain all the hazards that emanate from it.
Mayor Bensouda said so far, tremendous strides have been made to increase its security and better management and he must thank the cleansing staff of KMC, the Director of Services and the Technical Adviser Kan Mustapha Kanyi for their tireless efforts to ensure the site is well maintained.
KMC number one citizen also expresses gratitude to President Barrow for his support in the matter. He told the Daily News that Barrow accepted his invitation to the site and already given his word that he would support the council in the matter and indeed he has kept his word.

“The gains made are only a temporary solution and rest assured we are getting close to a permanent solution … in the meantime we urge the residents to comply with security protocols in and around the site and together we will arrest the menace of Bakoteh” Mayor Bensouda

The supervisor at the Bakoteh dump side Mustapha Sanyang told Daily news that the working conditions at the dump side is not very favorable noting the place is very dusty, windy and there is always bad odor.
He said there have been some positive changes since the Lord Mayor of the Kanifing municipality Talib Ahmed Bensouda visited the place. He added after the Mayor’s visit the waste are no more burnt instead they are buried into the earth using a machine.


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