Barrow Cheater and Betrayer Hon Alhagie S Darboe said


By Almama Kamaso
In the midst of the recent cabinet reshuffle where three UDP members in the cabinet lost their cabinet positions; President Barrow is accused of being a cheater, a betrayer and of lack of respecting the coalition Agreement.
The National Treasurer of the United Democratic Party and former Trade Minister, Amadou Sanneh who until his sacking served under the coalition led government of President Adama Barrow told party militants that the sacking of three UDP members from the coalition government tantamount to Barrow red carding himself.
The senior member of the UDP posed a question as which bus has the agenda of the country, is it Barrow’s bus (Barrow Youth Movement for national Development) or the bus which has the National Development Agenda (NDP).
Sanneh told militants that he and his colleagues served the coalition government with diligent and they were pushed by national agenda and not by any selfish agenda. “If barrow said he is dropping off people who do not support his agenda then, they are happy that they are drop off because they do only support the national agenda” Sanneh said.
Other Speakers included National Assembly member for Brikama , North Hon Alhagie S Darboe, who also doubles as the deputy Senior Administrative Secretary of the UDP told President Barrow to resign honourably and calls for election if he thinks he has the popular support of Gambians. “You cheated the UDP, you cheated the Gambians and you cheated the world” Darboe told thousands of supporters at the Bundunka Kunda rally over the week end.
Barrow was reminded that the Coalition Agreement has it that members of the cabinet are nominees of respective political parties in the coalition therefore the sacked cabinet ministers must be replaced with other nominees of the party (UDP)and not by any other party.


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