Barrow Deliberately Violates Coalition MOU 3 years Jotna


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh
The PRO of Operation 3 Years Jotna Hagi Suwareh has stated with regret that President Adama Barrow has deliberately violated and undermined the terms of the Coalition MOU.
Suwareh made this statement in a press conference organized by the 3 years Jotna, held at the Semega Janneh Hall in Tallinding yesterday.
Suwareh told a packed hall full of members of the his group 3 years Jotna and the media that President Adama Barrow deliberately violates and undermined the terms of the Coalition including its key governance provisions, such as the processes of appointment and removal of cabinet members, adding that the spirit of consultation and partnership underpinned Coalition 2016, without lawful justification or excuse.
He stressed that President Barrow’s increasing autocratic tendencies and his not-so-secret desire to succeed himself, and perpetuate his Presidency by playing dirty politics to his collation partners is a concern, he stated.
He added it is a concern, that some of the collation leaders are also aiding the president to achieved his political ambitions by ignoring the coalition 2016 MOU only for their self-interests
“President Barrow seems to pre-eminently focus on his political future, rather than adhering to the norms, values and that underpinned the decades-long struggle against dictatorship”. He said
He reiterated that the immense suffering of the Gambian people in the past shall not be repeated, but with concern , similar patterns of behavior are being displayed by President Adama Barrow.
“The state of The Gambia’s democratic development in the year 2016, constituted the principal impetus for the formation of “Coalition 2016” as a united opposition platform to challenge the entrenched former regime, so as to restore the rights and dignity of the Gambian people and usher in a new era of democracy, good governance, rule of law, human rights and people-centered, socio-economic and sustainable development” he said
He further said that the Coalition MOU and Manifesto reflect the collective aspirations of the people of The Gambia to end dictatorship and self-perpetuating rule adding good governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights and justice, as cornerstones for a sound socio-economic foundation for sustainable development.
Suwareh pointed out that the Coalition owes it to current and future generations of Gambians to put in place the building blocks for a genuine democracy in which leaders are held accountable to the electorate.
“this process must begin by holding President Adama Barrow accountable to the population for the promises he made during the 2016 Presidential campaign” he said.

He therefore said Operation 3 years Jotna is not about the constitution not even about Adama Barrow rather it is about accountable leadership and clean politics which are indispensable for good governance.
“It’s about the health and strength of our democracy, political legitimacy today and tomorrow, remember human rights shall remain threaten if politics is not kept clean and politicians not held accountable” he stated.

He finally call on the Interior Minister Ebrima Mballow to immediately resign for his threatening remarks made at the Brikama meeting. He also called on the president to reconsider the position of his special adviser Henry Gomez for his statement.

On her part Mrs. Musoluba Saidy, 3 years Jotna Mobilizer said the 3 years Jotna doesn’t belong to any political party, tribe or religion rather it belong to the Gambian people.

She also reiterated disappointment on the recent threatening statements made at the Presidents Brikama rally adding those statements will never take the Operation 3 Years Jotna back, while assuring that they will take the street in December peacefully without creating any problems or violence.

She added that the Brikama rally could have been an opportunity for the president to address the needs and good living condition of the Gambians, rather than uttering bad words and threatening Gambians with hot water and bullet. She concluded.


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