Barrow Must Respect the 3 Years


    By Amadou Gaggigo
    Speaking at the Jarumeh Koto UDP rally over the weekend; Hon Madi MK.Ceesay of Serekunda West constituency told the crowd that President Adama Barrow must respect the 3 year agreement otherwise electorates will hold his government accountable to the three years promise come December 2019.
    Ceesay told the crowd that he is speaking as an electorate as he too voted during the presidential elections. He told the rally that one thing he voted for was the three years transition and the resignation of the incumbent as agreed at the Kairaba convention.
    Hon Ceesay told the rally that leaders must be measured by their actions and words; the days of politicians deceiving electorates is now over and will never happen again. Barrow and the coalition trekked the length and breadth of the country and told Gambians that they should be given among other things a three years mandate.
    Hon Ceesay said it must have been clear to President Barrow that he was intending to deceived and fooled Gambians by first resigning from his party the UDP as the one of the conditions other he would have the opportunity to contest on the coalition ticket , and later refused to respect the three years agreement of the coalition. This is the highest level of betrayal by President Barrow.
    The issue of the outcome of an audit report amounting to D201 million dalasi as payments without adequate supporting documents was raised.
    Hon Ceesay told the rally that as a responsible government, the Barrow government must fix those untidiness. Yes the audit reports covers only 2016, which was one year before he came in office but which government will we hold if not the Barrow government.
    The Barrow government is bragging and taking the credits over the Senegambia Bridge, was it their project no it was the Jammeh project they only finished it; and what about the Sukuta /Jambajelly road projects. If the Barrow government can bragged of those successes then they must take responsibility of the D201million dalasi he told the rally.
    Former UDP Member of Parliament Hon Lamin Ceesay a native of Jarrumeh, Hon Lamin Dibba and several other militants spoke at the rally. Doro Bah the regional Chair of CRR North paraded 8 key members of other political parties who now change allegiance to the UDP.


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