Barrow Youth Movement, Opportunists – Busumbala MP


By: Ousainou J. Sawaneh
The MP for Busumbala Constituency Hon. Saikouba Jarju has launched a scathing attack against members of the Barrow Youth Movement within his area calling them a “group of opportunists” with selfish interest.
He said such individuals wanted to capitalize on the situation just to eat what they want and that they did not want to recognize and respect the authorities. Hon. Jarju came up with his scathing criticisms during an interview with the Daily News held at his residence in Yundum recently. The MP goes on to argue that if the Barrow Youth Movement members are truly in support of the president, they will not by pass him in his own constituency. He said that the group didn’t even give him any regard as the MP for Busumbala Constituency.
“Barrow got the presidency through my party, the UDP. But there are some people in my constituency that call themselves as Barrow Youth Movement and they do things and activities in my constituency just to bring about difference and I am not in support of them,” he queried. Jarju was quick to add that he did not have much concern with the Barrow Youth Movement adding: “I believe if they have an agenda and that they want to empower the president, I think they need people and the office of the National Assembly should be their first port of call.” “But you will see sometimes they will come and exist on their own in areas without the notice of the constituency executives or the National Assembly member. I said to myself if they are truly in support of President Barrow, they will not do that,” the MP remarked.
Jarju reiterated that members of his constituency in Busumbala are 100% in support of President Barrow’s agenda, stressing that the ground is already level for the president in every constituency especially in areas were UDP NAMs are parliamentarians. “Busumbala constituency is 100% Adama Barrow, because we feel that he is our president in reality and my party will be judged according to his performance. If he fails, my party will fail, my people will fail and I myself will fail. Any group that wants to support the president should not by pass the offices of NAMS,” he said.
He added that UDP and the coalition youth and members are the one who supported the president and would ever be ready to support the president. “I believe if they are a genuine group and wanted to empower the president on his development agenda, and then they have to recognize the authorities on the ground.” Jarju argues that the movement is not bringing any new person but they only trying to convince other UDP members to join them and try to separate them from the executive authority.


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