Batokunku and Sanyang Still Mining Centre


By Ousman Marong
Hon Halifa Sallah National Assembly member for Serekunda told cross section of audience at the American Corner that Sanyang and Batukunku are still mining spots in the country. He questioned why can’t Gambians take charge of their own destiny? He is of the opinion that the Gambia has all that it takes to develop. “we have our river full of resources, where none -Gambian fishing vessels fish, exporting tones of our water resources” he asked
Hon Sallah was addressing a symposium organized by Foundation for Education, Democracy and Development (FEDD).
The aimed of the dialogue was to engage the masses to know the importance of Civil Education in a Democratic society. The theme: for the symposium is “The New Gambia’s Model of Development”.

He revealed that in Batokunku and Sanyang; where mining used to take place, is still a mining spot resulting to our mineral resources such as zealcon and eliminate being exported.
He disclosed that these minerals that are being exported from our country can be used for our local telephone set systems, mobile phone systems which is a potential source of wealth for the nation.
Sallah further revealed that there is a possibility of drilling oil resources from the country. “Gambia is endowed with wealth “, he said. “Let nobody tell you there is no solution to our problems, or that our economy is being deterred by the former regime”.
Hon Sallah stressed that the hypocrisy that the vast majority of people in this country wants to leave, for greener pastures is because they are convince that they will find a better life there, should stop.
We should be real he said emphasizing that the reasons why many of us want to leave the shores of country to go to other lands, is because we are not convinced that we have better lives here.


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