Bensouda Inaugurates 4 Sanitation Trucks & 10 Skip Bins


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Ojee)
As part of the council’s efforts to see clean and healthy environment within the Municipality, the Lord Mayor of KMC Talib Ahmed Bensouda on Monday 14th October, 2019 inaugurates four new sanitation trucks and ten skip bins.
The four trucks and ten bins are additional to the 19 existing trucks of the KMC’s 19 wards and will also enables the council to eradicate illegal dumpsites and also to implement proper waste management and collection within the council.
Speaking at the ceremony the Lord Mayor expressed the council’s commitment in ensuring that waste processing facilities are introduced to complete KMC’s waste management ecosystem.
Bensouda said the KMC first initiated the ‘Mbalit’ project, which he said has gone a long way under the leadership of the project manager Bakary Singhateh, adding that they have records collection of 100,000 per month while commending the members of the community for embracing the project.
He added that waste management has been an issue for decades in the municipality adding that his council is taking major steps to ensuring that families and children lives in a clean environment.
Mayor Bensouda appeal to the members of the community to support the project and comply “we have done our part by bringing the tools and solutions but the rest has to be done by the members of our community and am sure they will comply” he said.
He assured that the next step is the waste processing, adding that in the next few month the council will process the waste collected and to add value to create employment “we want to leave a legacy of the cleanness city in the sub region, which is KMC” he said
Deputy Director of Services KMC, Lamin Badjie said three of the trucks will be used for collecting communal waste in the municipality such as markets and institutions while the remaining one will specifically concentrate on collecting and disporting waste.
For his part the CEO of KMC, Mr. Jaja Cham reiterated the commitment of the ministry of local government and the finance in helping the council to get the trucks direct delivery, while they work on the duty waver. “We have seen their valuable support to see a clean KMC” he said.
Deputy Mayor Musa Bah challenge the members of the community to take good care of the bins.