Bensouda Inaugurates New 90 Bins


By Ousainou J. Sawneh (Ojee)

In another historic moment, the Mayor of KMC inaugurated another new 90 public bins intended for the tourist designated areas and KMs beaches in preparation for the tourism season, in a view to ensuring clean and healthy environment within the council.
Speaking at the ceremony Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda said the 90 spectacular public bins are meant for the TDA (tourist destination area) and KMs beaches in preparation for the tourism season. He said one of the key sectors of KMs economy and an important area is to keep clean for both Gambian beach goers and tourists.
Mayor Bensouda reiterated on the importance of the project, which he said is aimed to solving three problems, youth employment, recycling of old tires and adding value to the tourist sector in the country.
He said Gambian youth are doing well in terms of skill work while calling on the government bodies both local and central to find ways and engage the youths to ensure that they fully and gainfully employed.
“Don’t Throw It (DTI) youths who use recycled tires from Bakoteh to create their bins and have used youths to create 50 units, and Circle Logistics youth who have used recycled factory pallets and hired tour-guides (bomsters) to create 40 units” he said.
He further said the bins will help keep the beaches clean for Gambian picnickers and tourist alike and will help support KMs tourism-based businesses.
On his part the Director of Services KMC, Lamin Sanyang said the idea of the inauguration is see waste free on the highways adding that over the past months the council has install over 500 bins within its watch and the council is installing 90 bins. He said
He added that there are compartment bins made by the Circle Logistic adding that those compartment bins will be install in the TDAs, which he said will help to improve on the environment and to ensure that the Tourism Development Areas are clean. He believed that will bust the tourism sector and will also bust the economy on the municipality.
“the objective of the project is to see clean environment and to empower the youth folk by providing then opportunity in employment” he said.
Gibril Gibba Deputy Director Don’t Throw It, expressed his institution’s commitment in taking part in the recycling process. He said that they want to introduce a fresh and friendly concept waste management that will provide quality and standard products for the society and to eradicate pollution especially tire burning and to engage youth in recycling.
“The sustenance of the earth is a responsibility upon every individual and we want an environment where we can invent and innovate, our country” he said.
The Head of Tourism Environment Sanitation Services Unit, Lamin Bojang commended the KMC officials for coming up with this initiative in other to see clean and healthy environment in KMC.
While Ismaila Sarr from the Circle Logistic, reiterated his institution determination in turning the waste in KMC to row materials that can be used for social development.