Brikama Records Four Maternity Deaths in 2019


By Aramata jatta.
In amidst disturbing reports reaching the Daily News that in 2019 alone 4 maternity deaths is recorded at the Brikama district hospital, as compared to 5 deaths in the whole of 2018, and 2 deaths in 2017 with 4 maternity deaths in 2016; the Daily News dispatched its reporter to the hospital for verifications.
Our reporter was able to pin down Dr. Adul Hamid Kanteh of Brikama district hospital maternity ward for clarity. He gave the following statistics in throwing more light on the above disturbing reports raised.
DR. Kanteh revealed that about 5,282 deliveries were recorded in 2016 out of which 282 were operational deliveries and 3 maternal deaths. And in 2017, 6,170 deliveries were recorded out of which 308 were operational deliveries, the maternity death were 7 out of which 4 were brought in death. Whist in 2018 they recorded about 7100 deliveries out of which 407 were operational deliveries and 5 maternal death and 2 of which were brought in death.
Apart from the clarifications DR. Kanteh said they do face challenges such as lack of enough human resources “there are only 3 doctors in the Brikama maternity ward taking care of a large number of patients, with only one midwife in a shift”.
Adding that they lack good infrastructure, saying the maternity unit is where they admit the people that undergone delivery, operation, in labour as well as the newly born babies. This he said is not an ideal situation as they can get infected because their immunity is different from the adult.
“Our theater where we conduct operations is far away from the labour ward which makes transportation difficult as the place is so crowded”.
He also disclosed that they have a philanthropist called Amie Jarjue who is helping them build a new theater close to the labour ward, which was supposed to complete last year but due to some circumstances work is still in progress.
Dr. Kanteh therefore called on government, NGOs and philanthropists to come to their aid and erect a new maternity unit for Brikama “a women enduring pain needs privacy and a conducive place at that initial stage”.
Adding that there is more room for improvement and they have very good team on the ground. Dr. Kanteh told the Daily News that they would have love to record no maternal death but it’s challenging and unavoidable.


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