Brikama Road Association Dissatisfy With BAC


The Vice President of Brikama Road Coordination Transport Association Buba Sowe has expressed his dissatisfaction to the Brikama Area Council (BAC) for not playing their role as expected in the daily cleanliness of Brikama car park. He said every vehicle in the garage paid duties and tax annually.He spoke to the Daily News in an interview at his office in Brikama.
According to him the rubbish are being thrown indiscriminately forming heaps of cabbage within the jurisdiction of Brikama Area Council which should be collected on a daily basis. This he said is cause by the lack of dustbins that enable vendors, shopkeepers and drivers to liter on streets.
“The rubbish is even brought in the garage by the nearby compounds because they don’t want to pay private rubbish collectors for their rubbish to be transported to the dumping side.”
Sowe said the association has provided electricity for the people who is generating water for the people in the garage using three taps and toilets and every user is paying three dalasi which is used for maintenance.
He added that the association goes further to maintaining peace and discipline by organizing cleansing exercises as a way of their contribution to cleansing of the car park.
Also talking to this reporter are the market vendors of Brikama market who expressed sorrow to the Brikama Area Council as they don’t meet their demands. They added that council should be able to provide more vehicles and tractors for proper waste disposal.
They also said sometimes the waste will be packed in the market at different locations for a period of one week uncollected for disposal. These affect the life of the people both internally and externally because most of the food in the market are not covered properly which means they can be easily contaminated with diseases.