CENA to Pronounce Official Results Friday


By Ousman A. Marong reporting from Dakar Senegal
The National Electoral Commission (CENA) will on Friday29th, February 2019 announce the official results of the just concluded presidential election race in Senegal. There pronouncement will decide either incumbent Sall the winner or not.
Mohammed Bun Dianno the Senegalese Prime Minister has on Sunday made a pronouncement declaring Sall is the winner.
The oppositions on the other hand are in denial challenging the Prime Minister’s pronouncement, saying such declaration should have come from (CENA) Commission Electoral National and not the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister however is still defending his pronouncement by saying Sall was leading his political opponents by 57% therefore he (Sall) is the winner.
Members of coalition Idy 2019 together with other opposition leaders including Ousmane Sonko’s party are both claiming that there should be a second round voting. They argued that even if Sall was winning by 57% yet there were some regions in Dakar that were not counted at the time of going to press.
The oppositions further alleged that France is meddling in their election. They blamed FRI for bias reporting while condemning President of France who calls to congrats Macky Sall as the winner in Sunday’s presidential race.
However the opposition parties accused some media houses in Senegal such as S25 Tv, RTS Tv, E-radio etc for side-lining with the incumbent simply because they have been corrupted by some government institutions.
The said media outlets have dismiss such allegation as unfounded.


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