Choice of Word is Key for Politicians and people of High Authority


Choice of words form leaders are very key because when words are wrongly chosen it can be very destructive. More so when it comes from the highest seat of the political echelon such as the office of the Vice President or President.
It is very disappointing for the country’s number two to have address some concerns of parts of the country the way she did when she was responding to the members of the National Assembly after the President’s Address.
The honourable Vice President in her response to concerns of various representatives last week, picked on Foni to say they have nothing to complain, because they were enjoying free electricity and rice when the entire county were suffering. This is much uncalled for and have no place in our current dispensation.
We thought we are up for reconciliation and not revenge madam Vice President.

The complaint was coming from representatives of the people of Foni as required. The honourable member of Foni articulate the concerns of the region and that as a responsible government one would have thought that the Vice President should just look for solution and not to justify the cause. The APRC members adequately represented their constituencies as required and there is no cause for the VP to defend an indefensible.
As a responsible government every citizen, and everyone residing on your territory is under the responsibility of that government and their welfare of those people should be guaranteed.
As one honourable member for Foni Brefet said the people of his region or constituency must not be punished for what they are not responsible of. He reminded the Vice President that it is unfair to subject the people of Foni to sufferings under the pretext that they were receiving free electricity and rice sometimes ago. Which allegation he was not true; and he doubts if the Vice President has during those years visited FONI.

The choice of word for politician or leaders in general is very key and must be watched. How can a whole Vice President in response to concerns of her citizens, try to justify the suffering of her own citizens .
It is high time that our politicians and leaders become responsible and be alive to the concerns of their citizens.
Personal matters or experiences should not crept into national duties. The Foni law maker did said he sympathise with Vice President of what had happen to her but that is no reason or excuse for her to act the she responded to his questions.
What should be cleared to every government personal or official is that, all citizens and none citizens residing within the country should be treated equally and according by the laws of the land. There should be no segregation base on tribe, region or political affiliation.
The Vice President’s expression that the people of Foni has nothing to complain, because they were enjoying free electricity and rice is out of order.
The best practice in decent democracies such utterances should be corrected by an apology. The statement is not expected from any authority especially from a whole Vice President of the country.
People in authority must stop personalising issues of national concern and treat them minus emotions and ego. Our leaders must begin to make very good choice of words when addressing the nation as choice of word are key, they can unify and also divide.