Coalition Executive Lacks Authority to Impose 5 years on Citizens


The Coalition executive do not have any authority to impose or extend the already agreed 3 years transition period of the Barrow administration on the people of the Gambia. The President who together with his team of coalition members toured the length and breath of the Gambia and told electorates to vote them in office for a transitional period of three years; therefore they cannot overturn that without going back to the same people and asked for an extension. If they do not do that; then that is the height level of betrayal by Barrow and his team.
The Coalition executive have held several meetings in recent times in a proposition to review the former agreement of the 2016 Coalition agreement. These meetings did not all go well and therefore they could be considered fruitless.
The interim chair of the coalition former Vice President Aja Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang in her effort to bring sanity to the almost disintegrated coalition called several meetings and none of the meeting have yet yielded any fruitful results.
It could be recalled that a founding member of the 2016 Coalition (PDOIS) have since backed out of the meetings, saying they have not been consulted.
If the information reaching the Daily News is anything to go by; since the UDP also recently walked out of a coalition meeting saying before any new agreement be entered into the old one have to be signed first. Then who are left in the coalition?
The Coalition was initially made of the following political parties: the PPP, NCP, UDP, GPDP, GMC, PDOIS, NRP, and Independent candidate. Now that one do not attend meetings and the other walked out of the meeting; then we ate left with five and an independent candidate. The Coalition must bear in mind that they do not own the people and therefore cannot decide for them. All they can do is come out with whatever agreement they might have reached at their meetings to the people and leave the masses to decide on a way forward.
If the Coalition executive tries to in any way impose an extension of the transition period of the initial three years to five or whatever number; then any backlashes of such a decision shall be their own responsibility.
The Coalition president is already seen to have deviated from several points of the agreements by not respecting the three years to which he is on quote of saying his government is a transition government of three years and that at the end of the three years he was going to step down. President Barrow cannot deny of not saying that; since the evidences are everywhere.
Another former cabinet minister (Omar A Jallow) of the PPP is also on record of saying that his contract with President Barrow is three years as that was what they have agreed with the Gambian people. He told GRTS viewers that come end of the three years he will resigned from his cabinet position to honour the agreement they had with the people.
Politicians must be accountable to the people and it is the rights of the people (electorates) to hold politicians accountable to their campaign promises should they deviate from such promises.
Therefore the Coalition executives must keep up the promises and allow this transition government of Adama Barrow step down at the end of 2019; filature to do so both Adama Barrow and the coalition 2016 parties together with the independent candidate will be responsible of any unprecedented act.


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