Coalition Leaders Have No Mandate to Extend the 3 years to 5


    By Aramata Jatta
    The National Assembly Member for Serekunda West, Hon. Madi M.K Ceesay has challenged President Adama Barrow to go back to the people of the Gambia with reasons supporting reasons why the change of mind.
    Ceesay was reacting to the recent meeting of some coalition members’ decision of extending the 3years promise to 5years has no merit and called on Gambians electorates to brush the decision aside. He said the team has no mandate to extend the three years to five.
    In an exclusive interview with this reporter, he demanded that Barrow do as he did in the beginning of his campaign prior to elections to go to every community and explain
    Hon. Ceesay made this reaction on Friday following the decision of the Coalition team led by the former Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang on the basis of the incompletion of the reforms agenda extended President Barrow’s mandate from three (3) to five (5) years.
    Hon. Ceesay alluded that the act of taking to the streets in a peaceful protest is not any means of bringing down a government but instead is only holding the President accountable to his own promises. He said the President should have the moral courage and dignity to face Gambians and tell them that, well I said 3years but am going back to my words because of reason A, B & C.
    ‘’The solution is for the President and the entire coalition members to tour this country again and tell Gambians why they want to go beyond 3years as they have promise, anything less than that is zero ‘’ .
    He argued that Barrow’s reason for an extension should not just be a mere declaration. Recalling that before the President wins the heart of Gambians on the basis of the coalition’s promises among which 3years is key, they toured every village, region and sector of the country and sold their agenda and the agenda was bought by electorates.
    ‘’ If Barrow is going back on his words, it is not enough for him to sit in the State House and say I want to go for 5years, no is not enough go back to the people and tell them why you want to go for 5years. And explain to them why you even introduce 3years in the first place to the Gambian people as for over 5 decades no Gambian has ever heard of 3years all we have been voting for from the first republic to the second republics was 5years’’.
    ‘’At the initial stage it was you and your coalition team who toured the length & breadth of the country and said you were going for 3years period. Even when you won the elections you were interviewed you quite agree in several audios confirming that you are only going for 3years. So if there is going to be any change of mind, the best way you could go about that’ is to go back to the people’’. Hon Ceesay insisted

    The honorable member went on to express disappointment on the recent concluded meeting of the coalition executives headed Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang saying that they have extended the mandate of the President from 3 to 5 years describing the act as ridicules.
    He asserted that the coalition executives have no mandate to extend any power of government; he said if there is any then that’s a big contradiction.
    ‘’ If you the people of the coalition are saying that the President’s mandate is for 3 years then why do you have to reconstitute your meeting all of a sudden and say that you are extending that mandate from 3 to 5 years so the base line there is 3years, and was it not you people that brought the 3years to the Gambians’’. He asked
    Hon. Madi suggested that in other to change the promise from 3years to 5years, there should be a stakeholder’s conference of all sectors including all the registered political parties whether originally part of the coalition MOU or not. Likewise civil societies, women & children and the youth should all take part in the debate.
    ‘’ Let’s have a stakeholders conference and discuss this issue of 3years jotna , the whole idea behind the 3years jotna is to hold the President accountable onto his own promises and gone should have been the days when politicians can just come an fool us, the politics we are seeing now is politic of deception and betrayal by President Barrow’’.
    He further argued that neither the State House nor the Security Council elected President Barrow; so the decision should be in the hands of the Gambian electorates and not a selected few.


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