Corruption is still Around


In 2009, the Government of the Gambia, through the Ministry of Agriculture, purchased 9, 500 tons of fertilizer to the tune of D130, 800, 000. Delivered by Modou Ceesay of Tilikon Company, the fertilizer was meant to subsidise Gambian farmers but it was discovered to be outdated and spoilt.
The stories in the grape vine these days is that one of an alleged collusion of a particular cabinet minister with some business elements in disposing of fertilizer belonging to the state; that is corruption at the highest magnitude if found to be true. This if proven correct, it will be disappointing and a big course for concern for all. Fertilizer which was not even bought during the Barrow era, therefore, the laws of the country should be seen to be applied immediately.
Cabinet is the topmost arm of government; if a cabinet minister can collude with some businessmen to reap off the state monies and valuables of this magnitude then something needs to be done to sanitise the country and government. This is not the Gambia people voted for.
The director of press at the Office of the President was on record saying that investigations are concluded and the case of the fertilizer is now at the Office of the Justice Ministry; we believe that the findings are at the ministry for charges to be levied against the said persons mentioned or believed to have had enough evidence to be prosecuted.
However, if what is in the grape vine concerning the tons of fertilizer that has been stolen from our stores and sold out side of the country with the help of a cabinet minister then what President Barrow can do is to send that particular minister on an indefinite leave until the matter is settled. Or better still the said minister should be suspended pending the outcome of the courts that is the ideal thing to happen.
Where the president fails to use the powers given to him by the constitution, that minister should have the moral courage to step aside voluntarily so that justice can prevail. As it will be difficult in the first place to have a minister investigate whiles he occupied his seat.
Since reports indicate that the president was given this fertilizer reports since August of last year; he could have acted long since as the number one administrator. Here Mr President can you use your powers and send the implicated minister by either giving him a red card or suspension pending the conclusions of the case.
Another unfortunate news in the grape vine is the case of the Social Security Housing and
Finance Cooperation if the story or allegations are anything to go by when it comes to veracity of the fact is as serious as it has to do with: people’s money that is at stake.
The Gambia government should set up an inquiry into the whole saga and not to take things for granted before it is late.
Corruption is around and is pushing its ugly head once again just as it did in the past; this ugly head needs to be chopped off soon before it will destroy our economy. Gambia has suffered a lot all because of corruption so if nothing is done and done quickly we stands to be losers again.


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