Court Frees GDC NAM, Councillor


By: Almamo Kamaso
The Basse Magistrates’ court has dropped all charges against Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) parliamentarian and a councillor, this paper confirmed Monday.
According to sources, Hon Alhagie .H. Sowe, the GDC member of the National Assembly for Jimara District and Ebrima Manneh, the elected councillor of Julagel ward were acquitted and discharged by Magistrate Omar Jabang of Basse Court. According to M C Cham Junior who is the GDC youth mobiliser the two men were allowed to walk free on Monday 23 July 2018. The presiding magistrate also told the parliamentarian to resume going about his functions, assuring the latter that no fresh charges could be pressed against him in connection to the case. The parliamentary seat belongs to GDC and is a seat representing the people of Jimara with GDC’ s name, Magistrate Jabang told the MP.
“Justice has prevailed and I am vindicated,” Sowe told Daily News in a telephone interview shortly after the ruling while expressing satisfaction. He said as a lawmaker he felt very bad about the accusation but now that the court has freed him he thanked Allah (God). Hon. Sowe, however, expressed a bit of sadness over the fact that still some of his Alikalo village heads were going to court over some charges in relation to the same he had faced. The GDC MP and councillor were standing trial on assault and other charges until their acquittal on Monday.


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