D39.9 Million Imprest Remained Un-retired


By Aja Dahaba
The Daily News can confirmed that a total of D39,924,346.91 still remains unretired as per the Financial statement of the Gambia for the year ended 31 December 2016. These monies were given to civil servants and other position holders in government as imprest and they are yet to retire this huge outstanding amount.
According audit reports the review of schedule of outstanding imprests and the aged receivable reports revealed that the outstanding imprests totaling D39, 924,346.91, were brought forward from 2014.
These balances have been outstanding for more than three years and still remained un-retired at the end of 2016.
From the review of detailed imprest report provided by Accountant General’s Department for the period under audit, noted that there were unretired imprests totaling D1, 459, 706.79 for the year 2016.
It is the opinion of the report that there is a risk that officials might be using imprest beyond the due date of retirement as unauthorized loans to themselves. This can negatively affect the cash flow position of government.
Section 28(11) for the Financial Regulations states, ‘An imprest shall be retired on or before the last day of the financial year or on such earlier date as specified by the Permanent Secretary, when authorizing the imprest’.
All cash flow should be presented to the Auditor General for Financial Regulations before end of each year for outstanding imprest. The report reveals that for more than three years still these amounts remained un-retired.


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