Darboe Blame Yankuba Touray and Edward Sighateh Denton Bridge Tortures


By Nene Galleh Barry
The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainou Darboe, told the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission that former junta members, Yankuba Touray and Edward Singhateh, led the allege tortures on his supporters in 1996 at the Denton Bridge.

During the attack, several UDP supporters were brutalized, leading to the death of some his supporter such as late Kebuteh Jafuneh, a traditional Gambian drummer.

“And I was told that Yankunba Touray was among the people who were torturing and brutalizing these people and I was told too he was wearing a uniform. I heard this information from several people,” said Darboe.

The UDP leader said he believed Touray and Singhateh were acting on the orders of the former President Jammeh.

“I called for an inquiry to be made into the incident and the Government gave it a deaf ear. They knew that it was something that they have arranged, meant to disrupt our campaign,” said Darboe.

“You didn’t expect Yankuba Touray to say anything other than a self-serving statement…,” Darboe added in reaction to the suggestion that Touray was not part of it.

The UDP was the main opposition political party in Gambia during the days of Jammeh. Darboe who has led the party since 1996 said they have even won the first election against the former leader Jammeh.

“The results that were released, we were leading and all of a sudden, for about 4 hours there were no further release of any results. In fact, we subsequently learned that collation of results were taken to State House,” said Darboe.

The leader of the United Democratic Party said the former military strongman has stolen the country’s first election from them.

The UDP leader broke into tears while explaining the circumstances surrounding the death of his party’s loyal supporters such as Kanyiba Kanyi.

“Kanyiba Kanyi has died living behind a pregnant wife. He has a son who has never felt the touch of a father,” said Darboe, with spatters on tears in his eyes.

Darboe described Jammeh’s Government as the worst Government in the world

The UDP leader, said his party is in full support of the ideals behind ‘never again’ campaign.

“Never again, I used it in different context. We should not allow the economy of this country to be destroyed by greed. It is in the interest of this country to ensure that,” said Darboe.

“It is in the interest of this country to ensure that we do not deify any person because deification of individuals has led to what obtained in the past 22 years. So never again. We are in it so that we do not have a TRRC again.”


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