Darboe’s Move Describe as Soul savings “April Victim


By Aja Dahaba
The Daily News have recently being serialising the views and comments of tortured victims in our Human Right pages as part of our contribution to the TRRC. These views and comment are in the form of interviews conducted by our Editorial Assistant and Human Right Anchor Aja Dahaba. Follow the page in every edition for more revelations of tortures in the hands of dictator Jammeh’s enablers.
A 48 year old Alagie Jammeh of Manjai Kunda also April 14 victim said he took the streets together with late Solo Sandeng and others. They were demanding for an electoral reforms due to the 2015 electoral amendments which was not favourable to the oppositions he told Daily News in an exclusive.
He said their aim was to peacefully protest without any violence. This he said was later turned into a disaster by state securities.
The tortured victim said after their arrest by the Police Intervention Uint (PIU) at Westfield upon orders. He was together with Nogoi Nje, Solo Sandeng, Kafo Bayo, Modou Ngum and Ebrima Jabang taking to the former National Intelligence Agency (NIA) now State Intelligence Service directly where they were subjected to various kinds of tortures.
Jammeh said that Fatoumatta Jawara, Fatou Camara among others were later taking to Mile 2 prison were their details were taking alongside threatening them that they will be killed.
He explain that after beating him along with his group mates; the so-called securities most of who were under the influence of alcohol went on screaming and asked whether they were sent by their party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. He said he and his colleagues denied being send to the streets by their party leader as that was not the case.
Jammeh said everything cannot be said in public but he is grateful for the giant step taking by his party leader who also took to the street on 16th April 2015. This move he describe as soul savings from the heartless Jugulars.
Concerning about his health, however Jammeh said his health is at stake like many other victims. He continued to say that he feels sharp pain from his back down to his waist, and he is currently undergoing treatment.
Meanwhile for Alagie , former President Jammeh was the master mind behind the tortures and the Jugulars take orders from him direct.
“Former President even said that all the demonstrations that were done at the time was by only one tribe and the next time it happen he won’t sent his police neither PIU but he wll send his soldiers to killed them one after the other. Meaning he was behind the arrest and tortures” he rated.
Regarding the cell conditions at the Mile 2 he said they only see the light once in every 24 hours with only 20minutes to have bath. They are not allowed out anymore and therefore if anyone needs to answer to the call of nature (toilet and urinate) one will have to do it inside the cells till the following day.
“We were in that conditions for 19days and the cells are not hygienic at all with black mosquitos everywhere” Jammeh said.
He emphasized that Jammeh must be prosecuted and justice must prevail in all the allegations against him (Former president Jammeh) before he can forgive.
Alagie is less happy with his party when it comes to the tortured victims saying their treatment should be their first priority. He opined that taking Nogoi for medical treatment is better than giving her monthly allowance.


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