December Gambians Will Take to the Streets in Pursuance 3 Years Jotna


By Amadou Gaggigo
Hon Madi M.K. Ceesay said the reality on the ground, whether the government of Adama Barrow like it or not; is that there are all signs that Gambians will take to the streets in pursuance of three years Jotna a campaign promise of the coalition parties.
The parliamentarian was speaking during the adjournment debate a couple of days ago. He said it is unfortunate that the country under the leadership of President Adama Barrow is retrogressing into violations of human Rights and throwing threats of killings and pouring of hot waters on would be protesters.
He reminded his fellow parliamentarians that business is no-more as usual. The government must try to see how it can solve the boiling tension around the issues of three years Jotna. It was this very government who went around to every corner of the country and ask Gambians to t vote them in for three years.
Gambians are ready to hold their politicians accountable on their campaign promises and the three years is a campaign promise made by President Adama Barrow two years ago. There will be no U turn as far as citizens are concerned.
Hon Ceesay also down played the government’s spending on two water tanker’s in preparation of possible protest. Hon Ceesay said he was reliably informed that government spends over 126,000 USD on each of the two water tankers , saying even if the dollar rate is at D42 rate, each will cost the country over D5million making it a total of D10M.
This amount is a colossal amount and the country do not need to spend such an amount on possible protesters when there is no vehicles at our police stations nor do we have enough vehicles at our various fire service stations.
Hon Ceesay expressed satisfaction on the way the waste is managed at the Bakoteh dump site as the smoke coming from the site is becoming less and equally the smell too. NAM Ceesay sad and what is more dear to his heart is that already council is fencing the entire perimeters of site.
He thanked the KMC under the load Mayor and the line ministry for coming to the aid of the tax payers.
]Hon Kajali Fofana of Jara West told the National Assembly that whether we like it or not our electorates are talking about the three years. He warn that we need to have a solution around the issues if only we care for peace. Several other speakers took turns and many spoke in favour of the three years.l


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