December Heroes Laid to Rest as solo’s Remains Still in Mortuary


Captain Njaga Jagne, Lt Col Lamin Sanneh and Sergeant Alhagie Jaja Nyass are all finally properly laid to rest by members of their families. These men spend 5 years in a mass grave somewhere in the bushes of Foni.
The three fallen men on December 30th 2014 took arms and forced their way into the fortified walls of State House; where they meet their untimely death in the hands of the State House Guards under former President YAHYA Jammeh.
Jammeh who himself came through a barrel of a gun resisted several attempted coups and most of which were bloody. There is the saying that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
Jammeh lived by the sword however he and his ruthless regime did not die by the sword but they have killed so many innocent citizens. Njaga, Lamin and Nyass were among those victims of the Jammeh regime.
Prior to the decent burial of these fallen victims there was a solemn handing over of their bodies to their respective family members on the 9th of January 2019.
The occasion was very sorrowful as loved ones who long to see the remains of their much loved ones were all in sad modes whiles some could not hold their tears as the remains were handed over to them.
Now that these men are buried , will that be the end of everything concerning them and their families? What will happen to their children and wives who are left with no men to provide them with housing and clothing and not to talk about the education of the children? What class of victims are they to get any kind of support from now onwards? These are some of the questions that will remain lingering in the minds of the family members for the rest of their lives.
The question of Solo Sandeng will come to the minds of anyone who reads this editorial; if the person knows the circumstances surrounding his death too.
When will Solo Sandeng’s remains be handed over to his family: wife, children and other relatives? It is coming to three years after his killing, and several months after his body was exhumed?
Like Njaga, Lamin and Nyass, Solo too was killed by the men of former President YAYHA Jammeh as he and his colleagues took the streets on a peaceful protest calling for electoral reforms. He was mercilessly tortured by men at the former NIA torture chambers and died less than 24 hours after his arrest.
Solo too needed a decent burial as a Muslim. When he was killed, he too like Njaga, Lamin and Nyass was dumped in a grave dug by the men who killed him in a bush at Tujereng.
His body or remains has been lying in the Mortuary at the Edward Francis Teaching Hospital for several months now.
The number of men and women who lost their lives since the coming into power of the Jammeh regime is uncountable.
This government should do all what it takes to bring most if not all of those perpetrators to book.
The Daily News recognises the very good job the coalition government under President Barrow is doing towards that end and we only encourage them to fast track efforts. The TRRC and other commissions are clear indications of the good will gesture the government has.


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