Dictators Are Made And Not Born; The World is Watching


Every person is born clean and with an unadorned mind set anything that is contain later is an input and influence of people and the environment. This is why people are send to school and other learning institutions to acquire knowledge and skills.
Authoritarians or in order words dictators are made and not born; let’s go back to 22 July 1994 when former president YAHYA Jammeh seized power, his pronouncements were noble and democratic as coming from best democratic State in the world.
But what happen after a few years later; he metamorphosed into the worst dictator the world has ever produced. Not even close to dictator Bukassa of the Central Republic of Congo, Feld Marshall Idi of Uganda and Mugabe of Zimbabwe. The people around him (Jammeh) turned him into that animal we called a dictator.
Jammeh began uttering dictatorial wordings such as him own the country and other state resources such as the Gambia television services cameras and that he will dictate where those resources go.
He also began silencing his opponents in worst brutal manner; killings and beatings and these opponents were in the persons and professions such as journalists, human right defenders and other pressure groups and even democratic countries and organizations became enemies of him.
Jammeh soon began disregarding constitutional clauses; he will take actions and other utterances that is nowhere near world standards as far as human rights are concern and the respect for the rule of law.
Jammeh was made a dictator by people who are very close to him and they make him feel big and above law. He is now gone down and he went down with most of those who help make him a dictator; that is despotism.
President Jawara on the other hand refused to be a dictator because he was guided well and therefore remains a democrats until he was forced out by Jammeh.
During the first republic there was rule of law; even if it has shortcomings and there was regards for the constitution. Those qualities were one of the reasons that the Gambia qualify to host the Human and People’s Right headquarters and also host to the African Unions offices. The first President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was pushed out of office but never went down; he was a democrat.
Now it is President Adama Barrow who is the president of the Gambia elected by the people of the Gambia; he like the previous presidents can either be left democratic as he is or turned into a dictator; as the editorial hold dictators are made and not born.
Here we caution people who surround President Adama Barrow either as government employees, political assistances, friends and relatives that they must be careful not to turn the democrat into a dictator.
It is very unfortunate that President Barrow elected a democrat is showing signs of a dictator; tampering with the Constitution and others aiding him and turning him into one.
The country and the world are watching.
History will judge every single person around the president be it a friend of the president, a political associate, or a family member for any contribution in making him a dictator. Remember dictators are made and not born.


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