Diplomatic Passport Scandal into State House Corridors


The current passport scandal is very unfortunate as this is not only a mere or ordinary passport, here we are talking of a diplomatic passports scandal. This is a very important travel document which is not given to any citizen but privilege citizens of high calibre.
The way such passports are issued is a little bit different from the issuance of an ordinary passport. As for a diplomatic passport the process goes beyond the immigrations alone. No diplomatic passport under a normal circumstances can be issued without the President appending his or signatures. And well before the process reaches that level the foreign Affairs must have a hand into it.
So one can see we are talking about a very long and rigorous process; one would have thought that before the passport holders receives this document the foreign Affairs would have done their job by properly vetting who this pass port holders or holder is. If the scrupulous people who are behind the issuance of these set of diplomatic passports as some are speculating that it is in large numbers of up to more than 50 or 150 diplomatic passports, then when it reaches the President’s desk it should be detected.
Again if it pass all he check points and even at the level of the highest office (Presidency) then something serious is happening to our government structures.
The country’s integrity is at stake and that our government should do everything to possibly clean the records. This scandal is not an ordinary scandal as it is now in the corridors of our presidency. Since the former driver of the President is called in for questioning that speaks volumes.
However President Barrow is on record of saying that the police should do their job and whoever is linked to this scandal will face the full force of the laws; that is very welcoming if and only if he sticks to that.
But this government is very good at making such very progressive statements when such a kind of thing happen. But the unfortunate side is that , they will never treat such cases with the utmost seriousness.
A case in point is the death of late Ousman Darboe, who was alleged to have been killed. Forty day after his demise no pronouncement is made by government as to the cause of his death but rather they are busy prosecuting those alleged to have destroyed properties.
One can cite one or two very important cases of this kind that happen and the positon of the government was no stones will be left upturn or government will get to the bottom of the matter . Such as the killing of a villager at Gunjur and another killing elsewhere. Up to this point in time nothing is heard of them.
It is high time that government treat such matters with utmost seriousness. When enquiries are made their findings should be made public otherwise the people who are governed will never take their government serious.
The commission’s reports which are submitted to the office of the President (Janneh Commission) must be acted on by now. These are very important reports and tax payers monies were the ones that pay the cost; so it is very important that government make the reports public knowledge as soon as possible.
Yes we know that the president has the right to hold it up to six months but what is stopping him making it earlier than the constitutional mandate?
To conclude this editorial, the Daily News team want to thank the Gambia Police Force for their competence in unrevealing this biggest sandal of the year. Thank GPF


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