Dippa Kunda and Manjai WDCs Decried Poor Roads and Low Water Pressures

Mayoral Aspirant

By Ousainou J. Sawaneh
Both Manjai Kunda and Dippa Kunda Ward Development Committees complained of poor road networks and low water pressures. “We stay up to 3-4am to fetch water for our household works” Aji Ramu Lowe
The issues of the Manjai market being poorly managed by the former Mayor and team by sharing the canteens among themselves was a mayor issue pointed out to the Mayor and team by Alkali Momodou Gomez.
The issues of foot bridges to be connect Kotu and Latrikunda Half die was also mentioned by the members of the WDCs of Manjai and Kotu.
Responding to concerns, the Lord Mayor told the committees that when his administration came into power one of the first things they did was to look at the markets and that included the Manjai market.
He assured them that the matter is being investigated and that some of the canteens in question are now locked up because council cannot see anything tangible that those occupying are the rightful owners.
Lord Mayor told the residents that the issue of dump sites are also closely monitored and as we speak almost 37 sites were cleared and by the close of the week up 40 will be cleared.
The Manjai/Kotu ward will be soon allocated a truck which will be labelled Manjai/Kotu. This means your committee will be the sole owners and you will discuss the modalities of its operations.
In the Deputy Mayor interventions, he said statistics have shown that there have been over 400 flood victims over the past years but with the coming of the lord Mayor Bensouda they only registered less than 40 flooded this year. He said this was possible due to the foresight of Bensouda. “There were many cleansing exercise carried out before the rains which has reduce the floods” Deputy Mayor Bah said.
Magidi Touray nominated councillor and chair of the Councils Business Committee assured the members of the WDCs that they will make sure that the market canteens are given back to members of the communities. He added that markets are place were the council also gain revenue.
Mrs. Ajie Ramu Lowe and Mrs. Yasaye Joof both residents of the Dippa Kunda ward spoke about lack of development in Dippa Kunda.


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