Direct Aid Staff Vows to Take Action if Demands not Met


By Ousainou J Sawaneh

The Staff of Direct Aid the Gambia formerly Africa Muslim Agency have vowed to take actions if their demands are not met.

Members of the staff will like to bring to the notice of the public both near and far about issues that are faced with and some of the steps taken on those issues to be addressed; the staff vow to take actions if their demands are not met.

Speaking on behalf of the staff in a press conference, held at Banjulinding Orphanage Center Momodou Jallow stated that most of their concerns were raised with the management in various ways and the latest was in a form of a petition.

“We petitioned the agency through The Gambia office on November 18, 2019 on the issues affecting us, though not limit to them, which petition was signed by more than hundred members of staff”.

Jallow further highlighted that payment of their October salaries have not been paid up still now adding that their November salaries are also pending “the late payment of salaries has to stop. We need to be paid our salaries on time” he said

He pointed out that staff pay slips were not issued since their appointments, adding that this has severely compromised accountability. He demands that their pay slips be issued on regular monthly basis.

Jallow challenged Direct Aid office that their salaries was said to have been increased by 50% but members later realized that what is added is far less than 50% . He said members noted that they need clarity on the issued.

He reiterated that the staffroom at the Basic Cycle is dilapidated and lacks the adequate furniture, “in fact, electricity facilities had been disconnected by the center manager” he alleged.

Jallow revealed that the food vendors were also send outside the school premises, which he said makes it difficult to control and monitor pupils during break time.

Moreover, he said the pupils and staff are vulnerable to food poison and they have no control on the hygiene of the food sold , as they are not selling within.

He alluded that whenever the finance manager goes on an annual leaves or travels outside the country there is always a late payment of salaries or to be précised.

He further said they also wrote to the National Assembly select committee on Education for their timely intervention but no response from them possibly as a result of their busy schedule. He said.

Jallow stressed that there are many burning issues that need to be addressed, saying that there is an orphanage but unfortunately throughout this academic year all the orphans have not reported to their respective centers. He said

He therefore call on the management of the Direct Aid The Gambia office to immediately addressed there issues of concern or else possible actions may be taken. He concluded.