Do Not Vote For Independent Candidates, Darboe Tells Supporters


By Almamo Kamaso

The UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe has called on party supporters not to vote for any Independent candidate during the mayoral election saying they such people were only looking for position.

“They were not UDP but only came to look for positions and now that they were not selected , then then they have shown their true colours and stand as independent “ He was addressing crowd of hundreds of UDP militants who accompanied selected mayoral candidate Talib  to Darboe’s   residence shortly after Bensouda was declared winner of the primaries. The UDP ;eader expressed his satisfaction over the way his party  was able to conduct the primaries in a fair, free and democratic manner.

He commended all those who applied for this position but did not succeed to be selected and they all promised to give support to Talib. He said that is the highest level of patriotism. He therefore call on them all to fulfill that move. He called on Mustapha Touray, Baidy Touray, Magidi Touray and Buramanding Jaiteh all to give their support to the party and the selected candidate. He called on the followers of the above candidates who did not succeed to be selected to came and support Talib.

Darboe called on the youths and women to come on-board and take their rightful positions in the UDP party so that they can be the likes of the Tabo Mbekes of South Africa as they are the ones to steer the affairs of the party when they old ones are gone.

He called on MAYOY Lie Conteh who did not take party in the primaries but he know that he is UDP and therefore he should come and join our mayoral candidate so that we win.

Lawyer Darboe called on his supporters not to vote for any independent candidate as they were not UDP but only came to look for positions now that they are not selected them show their true colours and stood as independent.

The party leader concluded by dispelling unsubstantial rumours that the UDP national women chairperson Aja Sukaina Kah that she meddled in the politics of Banjul due to money. He said Aja is one strong a true member who Yahya Jammeh and his team could not buy who else can buy her now.


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