‘Don’t Push us To the Wall’ NRP Leader Warns Barrow Critics


By Aja Dahaba
Hamat N.K. Bah Secretary General and Party Leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) warned critics of President Adama Barrow to stop castigating the president. He warn that if such castigations did not come to an end, it may push them to the wall and thus retaliate against such criticisms.
Hon. Bah made this statement at Jarra Soma where NRP held its National Convention in line with the 2015 Independent Electoral Commission Act over the week end
“Stop castigating Adama Barrow because if you push us too much to the wall we will talk but it’s not time to talk. It’s time to respect each other, it’s time to honour what we have done, it’s time to respect the efforts of The Gambians in making sure that we enjoy this change and in enjoying this change we should not victimize anybody and that is what President Barrow is respected for by the international community” Bah warns critics of Barrow.
The NRP Leader harps praises on his members of parliament and urged them to continue the good job they have been doing.
Bah said his members of the parliament have no other choice than to support President Barrow to the end of his five year term that he said, is the only way this country can move forward.
“I want to make this clear that President Barrow is enjoying the full support of the international community because, he is running a transparent government, he is honest and sincere to the Gambian people and that is why my party is committed to his programs to the end of five year term”, Bah affirms
He said The Gambia cannot afford to be divided at this time of its political history and it can only afford unity and move forward as one. He stressed that this is the song he has been singing on numerous occasion in the quest to building this great country.
“I belief that Barrow is here to stay for the time being whether you like it or not. I can assure that anybody trying to undermine Barrow, thinking that he is an easy carry away thing you will end up pressing yourself to the doom”, Hamat said.


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