ECOMIG Commander ends tour of duty in Gambia


By: Neneh Galleh Jalow

Colonel Magette Ndiaye, the Commander of ECOMIG Forces in the Gambia has bid fare well to President Adama Barrow at the end of his tour of duty in The Gambia.

During a meeting with President Barrow at the State House in Banjul, Colonel Ndaiye briefed the president on his mission and thanked the government for its cooperation. He informed the Gambian leader about his observations and said The Gambia Armed Forces conducted its duties with professionalism.

For his part, President Barrow thanked Colonel Ndaiye for his service with the ECOMIG team and their contribution in maintaining peace and stability in the Gambia.  He reiterated the strong ties between The Gambia and Senegal. The president called for continued collaboration and support, and added that GAF could learn from the experience of its colleagues.

Colonel Ndiaye was accompanied to State House by Colonel Ulgence Ndure who took over from him as ECOMIC Commander, the Deputy CDS, Yankuba Drammeh and State Guard Officials.

In another development, President Adama Barrow met the Nigerian Ambassador to The Gambia, Oluwasegun Ibidapo-Obe who accompanied over forty members of the Nigerian Armed Forces to the State House. Rear Admiral A. A. Osinowo, Commander of the visiting Course 26 of Nigerian Defence College said their mission was to conduct research on the theme: “Post Conflict Peace building in The Gambia – Lessons for Nigeria.” He observed that the complexity and loyalty of The Gambia Armed Forces to foster peace after last year’s presidential election for the political class to enjoy stability. He also expressed appreciation to The Gambia and ECOWAS for looking inward to find possible solutions to local problems.  Rear Admiral Osinowo hinted that there would be challenges during the next phase of peace building in The Gambia, and he emphasized that GAF has an important role to play in the drive to move The Gambia to greater height. He concluded by saying that GAF has an important role towards the realization of the will of the Gambian people for socio-economic development.

Introducing the delegation, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Yankuba Drammeh, expressed gratitude and assured President Barrow of the commitment of GAF to maintain peace and stability in the country. He recognized the importance of the Nigerian Defence College in imparting knowledge and skills in the military.

Responding to the courtesy call, President Barrow said Africa has taken the right direction towards democracy and thanked ECOWAS bloc for the support in maintaining peace and democracy in The Gambia.  He reiterated appreciation for the leadership role Nigeria took during Gambia’s political impasse and for its important role in nurturing democracy in the sub-region.

The President advised the security forces to learn from the direction the world is heading and assured them of the political support for them to succeed in their career.   He also urged them to maintain the spirit of unity, as The Gambia is known for peace.



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