Edward Singhateh Attempted to Kill Me “Gomez


By Neneh Galleh Barry

In his testimony at the TRRC Mr. Sheriff Gomez the ex- Gambia Minister told the commissioners that Edward Singhateh wanted to kill him at the Mile 2 prison on 6th September 1994.
Gomez later explain to the TRRC that after the Coup, he was arrested and detained at the Mile 2 security Wing.
When the Junta first entered the Mile 2 Prisons on the night of 6th September 1994, he was sitting on his bed a two-plank of red timber, on a two stilts of cement blocks at each end. Singhateh drunk to his forehead, came to his cell and ordered me to stand up which I did and he pointed his AK47 rifle at me.
“I heard Edward, ‘where is the Adjutant? Bring him out’. The moment I came out he started asking me the whereabouts of the Armory keys? I was puzzled because the keys were in my briefcase and they’ve seized it from me already. I thought to myself that he was just trying his best to find some excuse to kill me” Gomez said
When I replied that it was in my bag, he opened fire at the top of my head because I could hear the bullets whizzed pass my head. This must have been the first shots of live bullets.
Edward looked at me and said that he is not going to miss next time. I repeated that the keys are in my briefcase and they already have it. When the soldiers brought the briefcase, I noticed that the briefcase was torn apart, but the keys were still zipped in a pouch inside of it. Immediately as I opened it, the keys were snatched from my hands and rushed to the Armory for the weapons and ammunitions.
He shouted back that I should shut up when he is talking to me. At that point someone called that he should let me be, that I will have my turn. I believed it was a deliberate attempt to distract him away from me. When he left my cell, they started, dragging detainees out of their cells and subjecting them to gruesome beatings.
Then the executions of 3 of our colleagues right in front of our eyes just like that. What went through us, the “Night of the 6th” (6th September 1994), is indescribably traumatic to ever explain accurately.


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