“Election Promises Are Measures for Accountability” Operation 3 Years


The self-proclaimed leader of Operation three (3) years one Fatou Conta of Farato village was called in for questioning by Interpol at the headquarters of the Gambia Police Force last week.
Her call was in connection to an audio circulated in the social media, calling for the Barrow led Coalition to respect their Campaign promise of 3 years. Conta said if the coalition fails to step down come end of their three years, them the operation 3 years will take the streets in a peaceful and nonviolence manner.
The group which according to Conta has a membership of many people whose exact numbers she does not know are ready to hold the government on their campaign promises.
She also said the membership comprises of Gambians from both within and outside of the country who are funding their course. Conta told the police that they were just exercising their civic rights by calling a meeting at her residence to discuss issues pertaining to the Barrow led Coalition government campaign promises.
She said in an audio after her questioning at the Interpol that her meeting does not require a permit as she and her people were not in a public place; but rather at her residence.
The Daily News’s advice to the coalition government is to called up a meeting right away and discuss on whether they will respect the 3 years promise or go back to the people as a team and ask Gambians for an extension. That is the only way forward.
If the Barrow led government fail to do so; one can certainly expect that come end of the three years some of the citizens will take to the streets. The warnings are clearly written on the walls everywhere and it is left to the government to act responsibly now before it is too late.
The government should not takes things for granted and all possible means to solve this looming problem must start now.
The Daily News, wants to remind the government of the day that responsible citizens always hold politicians accountable to their campaign promises. And three years was indeed a campaign promise.
The signals Gambians are seeing are very clear signals that Gambian electorates are warming up to hold the government of Adama Barrow accountable to its promises.
Nobody at the time gave them (Coalition team) honey or sugar to make them promise the people that come end of three years their government will hand over power and pave way to a free and transparent elections.
Fatou Conta told Interpol that the coalition team knew better the constitutional position on presidential term; and yet they went around to promise 3 years. This was her respond when she was asked if she and her operation three years did not know that the constitution of the land pegged the presidential mandate to five years instead of the three years that they are calling for.


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