“Enough is Enough” – UDP Official Tells Imam Fatty


By: Ousainou J. Sawaneh
A leading UDP functionary has sharply reacted to remarks made by controversial Imam Abdoulie Fatty warning that Gambians are fed up with Fatty’s endless insults and “enough is enough!”
Mr. Salifu Ceesay, UDP’s Regional Campaign Manager for KMC came up with his reaction during an interview with Daily news reporter held in Manjai following Fatty’s recent remarks during the burial ceremony of the late mother of former dictator Yahya Jammeh in Bujinga, in the Fonis.
Fatty who was an imam at the Jammeh-built State House Mosque in Banjul and was fond of using the pulpit to defend and praise the former dictator especially during his Friday sermons, was at it again during the burial of Jammeh’s mother who was hailed by many Gambians as a good person. Fatty in an audio message that emerged from the burial tried to downplay the number of alleged killings and human rights violations committed under Jammeh’s watch. He also praised the former dictator for the development projects accomplished during his era; like setting up of Gambia’s first television station. Among other things, Fatty capitalized on the occasion to chastise journalists saying they were neither here nor there.
Continuing the interview, the UDP’s Regional Campaign Manager for KMC described Fatty’s remarks as very sad to the people who suffered under the dictator’s regime. “When Imam Fatty says those statements what will the families of Jammeh’s victims going to feel who are still crying, the likes of late Solo Sandeng’s family and many others who suffered a lot and even lost their lives during Jammeh’s rule?” Mr. Ceesay queried. “So, I am telling Imam Fatty that enough is enough!”
He said Fatty should have felt ashamed for making such remarks while advising him to respect Gambians. “Gambian people will not accept to see that the hard work that had been made to remove dictatorship, wickedness and hatred in this country to repeat. We will not accept that again in our lovely country,” Ceesay reiterated. He recalled the onetime Imam of State House, Fatty standing before Moslems in one of his khutub (Friday sermons) which was televised by GRTS insulting people saying that Gambians had been telling lies for over 20 years. Ceesay further criticized Fatty for defending former President Jammeh over the execution of nine prison inmates in 2012 based on no law. “Imam Fatty knowing full well that there is no Sharia (Islamic law) in this country went on to defend Jammeh’s activities because of his greed for money.”
He charges that Imam Fatty is not a Gambian citizen but he is from Southern Senegalese province of Cassamance and has never accepted the new Barrow government. “I am appealing to him that if he cannot accept this current government, let him go back to Cassamance because he is not a Gambian,” Ceesay alleged.
“Let him stay away from politics and if he wants to be a politician, let him form his own political party,” the UDP’s Regional Campaign Manager for KMC concluded.


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