Erosion Divides, threaten Villagers in North Bank


By: Almomo Kamaso
Serious erosion has threatened villagers in North Bank Region causing a big ditch that divides the village into two halves and posing great danger.
The village of Mbampa Mariga in the Sabach Sanjally Constituency in North Bank Region is faced with serious erosion and its alkali (village head) Balla Nget recently met with our reporter to lament the problems his people face. Speaking to this reporter who is on a tour of the country with the environment Select Committee of the National Assembly, Alikali Nget reveals that his village is facing a very worrisome situation posed by the natural life threatening phenomenon. He says his village is in a very funny situation as it is divided into two by a wide and deep rift making it impossible and very unsafe for their children living in the other side of the ditch and always cross it to go to the local school which is situated on the opposite side of the. “It is even more dangerous when heavy rain falls starts in the village,” Nget remarked. “Some few years ago we lost a 14-year-old girl to the erosion.” According to him, there was a heavy down pour and the mother of the girl was trying to save some of her belongings from being carried away by the rain and then her 14-year-old daughter was also with her but later the girl was found dead in the waters.
He says when heavy rains comes, nobody dares to cross the water way and when asked if the villagers cannot migrate and live on the same side isolating the ditch for people’s safety, Nget replied: “That will be very difficult because as you can see there are already compounds built. Also, that is not the only reason but we share a boundary with another village on the other side of our village.”
He says his people are in dire need of support to mitigate their problem. “We have spoken to government about it but we are yet to get a positive respond.” He told the visiting National Assembly members that a bridge was built by World Bank recently to make the school accessible to their children living on the other side of the rift.
The National Assembly member for the area, Hon Touray called on the government to help saying this is his biggest problem. “The village needs more attention as the school going children are finding it very difficult to get to the school especially during the rainy season,” the MP added.


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