EU /Gambia Fisheries Agreement Worth’s Multi- Million Dalasi


By Almamao Kamaso
The Gambia government had entered in a fisheries agreement with the European Union (EU) and the said agreement had the approval of the National Assembly of the Gambia last Tuesday.
The financial agreement is that the European Union will be giving the Gambia government a sum of five hundred and fifty thousand dalasi (350,000 Euros) yearly and the ship owners will pay three hundred and fifty dalasi (350,000 Euros) yearly too.
The vessels will be paying licenses fees to the Gambia. The agreement also includes a total of 41 vessels namely 28 seiners, 10 pole and line vessels and 3 deep sea water trawlers.
The Gambia stands to benefits up to twenty million dalasi (D20M) yearly as contributions from ship owners and license fees. The agreement will also provide job opportunity for our youth and capacity training opportunities, Fisheries minister told members of the National Assembly.
Presenting the Agreement to the members of the National Assembly; last Tuesday Minster James Gomez told law makers that the Gambia stands to benefits a lot from the agreement. He said this agreement is one of the best the country has.
Only two types of fishes will be catch and these are Tuna and hake species. These species he said are highly migratory and the country lacks the capacity to catch them.
The objective of the agreement will be to support management measures for fisheres, aquaculture, and artisanal fisheries. The agreement will also support sanitary quality management with view to develop export capacities and monitoring, control and surveillance and fight against illegal, unprotected and unregulated fishing.
Member told the minister that take note the training aspect so that we can have the capacity to fish such species as a nation. Member lamented that for more than 50 years the Gambia still lacks such capacities.
The minister and team were urged to make best use of the agreement and offer trainings during the contract period rather than waited until the 6 years comes to an end.
Member’s fears of the lack of a termination clause was cleared when the minister told them that the agreement is to be reviewed on a yearly basis.


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