First Lady spells out plans for the people


By: Special Reporter

The first lady, Fatoumatta Bah Barrow recently pledges to work hard for the common man and the needy through her foundation saying she wants to have positive “legacy after presidency.”

The first lady who is the founder of Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow Foundation, a non-profit charity organization that supports disadvantaged communities, women, children and vulnerable groups  made the pledge during a meeting with Hatem Raslan, Gambian honorary consul who accompanied investors and philanthropists to the State House in Banjul.

According to Madam Bah-Barrow Gambia’s health and other sectors need assistance especially hospitals like Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), the main hospital in Banjul, the country’s capital. “We need to help the hospitals in the country as health is everybody’s business. Allah has a lot and when you have good intensions, Allah always help,” she emphasized.

The Gambian First Lady continues by observing that despite the fact that Africans are very strong people, they have low life expectancy compared to others due to lack of access to good health care services and drugs.

She says diabetics, cancer, high blood pressure and other sickness are posing great health challenges for many Africans who do not usually detect problems or get screened in time. Madam Bah-Barrow urged Africans to accommodate and help each other.

For his part, Mr. Yahya Ceesay, the communication and logistics officer of the foundation also explained that the foundation was established for charitable purposes geared towards benefiting areas like health, orphans, children, widows, youth and women through educational projects and social development programs.

Hatem Raslan, the head of Saad M Raslan International Trading Company spoke of the foundation as a noble and worthy initiative that should be helped in realizing its objectives.

He said through collaboration with the Gambian First Lady and her foundation, they were able to provide the EFSTH hospital in Banjul with a ventilator which was lacking and badly needed in the hospital.

Ibrahim EL SAYED, the President of Groupe Vigie International who is planning to invest in the Gambia also hailed the foundation and promised to promote it in France where he is based.

Representatives of US-based KPI Healthcare, a company engaging on health service delivery also promised to work with Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow Foundation to help Gambians and others living in the country.



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